A Ride

their love was a wild thing
the craving whipped him around
every curve in the road and
he was constantly jolted
the snap at the end of a runaway rope
in wind and gravel, his balance
his life, dependent solely
on the stability of his grip
how long could he hold on?

oh how he loved to ride
the silky carpet of passion
the complete surrender of her mouth
the abandon he knew only with her
it was so hard, sometimes barely tolerable
the time without her, he couldn’t
imagine having enough of her
what if he hit a rock
and the music stopped?

the softness of her eyes gazing into his
flew him so high descent would be dangerous
such desire unmanageable so
for the few seconds he could grab
complete control of his body and soul
he summoned the last of his strength
to wrench himself from her and
without looking back
pedaled hard
in the opposite direction
from where she lie waiting

Photo courtesy madcyclelanesofmanchester.blogspot.com


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